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We are committed to leading edge research in Immunology. Our collaboration and focus has lead to publications in leading journals. We also know when to have fun!

Below is our lab's current roster. Here for a listing of our lab alumni.

Here are some photos from the lab.

Yuqing Feng

Postdoctoral fellow. Email: yq.feng@utoronto.ca
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Bhupesh Thakur

Postdoctoral fellow. Email: bhupesh.thakur@utoronto.ca    
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Alex Ling

Graduate Student Email: alex.ling@mail.utoronto.ca  
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Clare So

Graduate Student Email: clare.so@mail.utoronto.ca
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Conglei Li

Post-doctoral fellow (shared with Dr. Gommerman) Email: conglei.li@utoronto.ca
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Thergiory Irrazabal

Graduate Student Email: tey.irrazabal@mail.utoronto.ca
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Alberto Martin

The Boss E-mail: alberto.martin@utoronto.ca See Alberto’s full bio here
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Maribel Berru

Laboratory Technician E-mail: maribel.berru@utoronto.ca
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